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Live for today

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Financial Planning

We offer financial planning customized to each client’s particular interest, goals and unique financial situation.

Financial Goal Analysis – The cornerstone of our financial planning process begins with a detailed discussion of your values and goals.  We will help you prioritize your goals around your financial resources.

Retirement Accumulation and Distribution Planning – Retirement is probably one of the greatest concerns most of our clients have.  Can I afford to retire?  Have I saved enough for retirement?  How much longer do I need to work?  How much more should I save?  We will help you answer these difficult questions and provide you with a detailed retirement projection illustrating year by year whether you are on track to meet your goals.  If you are near retirement or in the retirement phase of your life, we will provide you with a strategy to spend down your portfolio assets in the most tax efficient manner possible, enabling you to maintain your lifestyle and providing you with financial peace of mind.

Investment Planning – After understanding your vision and financial goals and reviewing your financial needs, risk tolerance, time horizon, financial capacity to endure risk and tax situation, a recommended asset allocation is provided.

Net Worth Analysis – Your total financial picture is considered, not just your investment portfolio.  You total net worth is analyzed and reviewed to ensure your assets are working in the best manner possible to meet your financial goals.

Cash Flow Analysis – We review all sources of current income vs. your total annual expenses and identify opportunity areas.

Tax Planning – We identify potential areas to minimize taxes, review portfolio tax basis and utilize tax efficient recommendations for your investment portfolio.

College Planning – If you are interested in funding education for your children or grandchildren, we can develop and recommend a college savings program and outline recommendations appropriate for your college planning needs.

Estate Planning – It is important that your assets are coordinated with your estate distribution wishes.  We can provide a basic estate planning review and if needed, referrals to an estate planning attorney for the creation of estate planning documents or revisions to your existing documents.

Risk Management – Unexpected catastrophic events along your journey can impact your financial goals.  It is important to plan for your dependents and ensure goals can still be met.  As fee-only planners, we do not sell insurance products.  We evaluate risks and advise clients on the risks they should consider covering.

Please use the "Contact us" information to the right of the page if you would like to schedule a no-obligation financial planning review.